Measure the height you need from the floor to the bottom of your cabinet, or the highest point that you want the stainless steel toe kick to cover. With a typical cabinet overhang, you will not be able to see the top 1⁄8 -­ 1⁄4” of the toe kick unless you are lying on the floor, and giving yourself some extra room will make the install a bit easier, so do not worry about getting it really tight on the height. For the length, just measure the length of toe kick you will need. If you are going to be using an inside or outside corner piece (highly recommended for easier measure, easier install, and a great look) you will have a full inch of “forgiveness” as the corner will overlap the toe kick, and can do so by as little as 1/16 of an inch up to a full inch.

We offer shipping by UPS. Certain oversize packages may need special shipping arrangements, including freight,which we can easily arrange.

We are shipping our stainless steel toekick from our plant in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

All of our stainless steel toekick is made in the USA, with an average of over 90% recycled metal content.

A soft cloth, mild soap and water will do the trick. You will get the best results by wiping “with the grain” or lengthwise down the stainless toe kick. Do NOT use chlorine­ based or abrasive cleaners.  Check out our blog post on this topic as well.

Install is quick and easy, using extreme bond tape, known sometimes as VHB (Very High Bond) double­sided adhesive tape, designed for permanent installation. Check out our install video for more information. A second option is silicone caulk or construction adhesive applied to back of the stainless toe kick. Press the toe kick in place, and if possible use either painters tape at any ends, or use an object with bit of weight to apply enough pressure to keep the stainless toe kick in place for up to 24 hours.

Yes.  It is the Fort Knox of online stainless toekick shopping.

After the celebrations at the stainlesstoekick.com headquarters, your order is placed immediately into production, made to your specifications, packaged, and shipped, generally one week or sooner after the order is placed.

No laminates here! Our toekick is real, solid, type 304 stainless steel, nearly 1/16” thick, and some of the most durable, long­lasting toekicks you can find anywhere.

The laminate toekicks have a very thin layer of stainless on a backer that can easily be damaged, while the solid stainless steel we use will last a lifetime of even heavy use with proper maintenance.

Since our stainless toekicks are so durable, bending them at home falls between difficult and impossible. We do offer inside and outside corners that are pre­bent and highly recommended where the toe kicks are turning a corner. Contact us for other custom bends or angles.  We have nearly 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space and equipment so most likely we can make what you need!

At this point, we ship throughout the United States.  If you have a particular destination not located in the United States that you would like to ship to, contact us and we can discuss what you are trying to accomplish.

If at all possible, taking careful measurements and having us cut to the size you need is the best way to go. We laser­cut the parts to size, so you can be quite precise with the lengths, and we really recommend the pre­bent corners whenever they can be used.

Please contact us for detailed budgeting and specifying information for your commercial or high ­volume projects.

We produce a wide variety of stainless steel products from our factory, including stainless steel countertop support brackets. Contact us if you would like further information.

We generally ship one week after the order (or sooner). For example, if you order on Monday, the stainless steel toekick should ship no later than the following Monday.

We want happy customers, and we will work as hard as we can to make sure you are thrilled with the new look of your stainless toekicks.

We want happy customers, and we will work as hard as we can to make sure you are thrilled with the new look of your stainless toekicks.